World MMA Kyokushin Boxing IKBO-WKBO Martial Arts
The World Martial Arts MMA-IKBO Kyokushin Boxing Ryu,
is currently one of the styles -booming recognized for its effectiveness.
It is represented in more than 127 Country -Organization  affiliated  around the World

Kickboxing .Karate and Martial Arts training facility for kids,
children and adults. We teach full contact  and self-defense,
Everywhere in the world Kyokushin Boxing by Kancho Milan is recognized.
IKBO-It is a training system on the strength and efficiency
With different strategies of attack - defense with bare hands

World Headquarters Honbu Dojo France-Germany-Montenegro

   Members of the board of directors World Kyokushin Boxing !


1/ Milan Kancho World President 10th Dan

2/ G.M-Shihan Florante Damayo -United Arab Emirates 7th Dan
3/ Miss Nataša Milosavljevic-Montenegro
4/ G.M-Hanshi Zoran Šinkovic-Croatia 9th Dan
5/ G.M- Hanshi Rick Jessee -USA 10th Dan
6/ G.M-Hanshi Frank M. Schneider-Germany 10 th Dan
7/ Sensei Mustafa Balkan-Germany 3 rd Dan
8/ Shihan SYLLA Losseni -Abidjan,-Cote d'Ivoire. 5th Dan
09//Sensei Hubertus A. Pierre Bercx  Netherlands .3rd Dan

Congratulations with respect !!
Arigatou gozaimashita
Much Honor & Respect Milan Kancho OSU !
What's NEW?

New Affiliation IKBO
With Sensei Daniel Strelec From Germany
Connexion à 'IKBO'
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To date, two more countries Sri Lanka-usa have joined IKBO-VKBO, we have today
130 countries
Organization  affiliated  around the World
Everywhere in the world Kyokushin Boxing by Kancho Milan is recognized
Thank you for your trust and let the jealous die !