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WELCOM TO The Official Website of The International Martial Arts- IKBO- WKBO-Karate Organization-Honbu dojo OSU !

Kancho Milan RADOVIC

10th Dan -World President-Kanchō Founder of IKBO WKBO
Technical  Director  Kyokushinkai  Karate of Montenegro/IKBO- Organization
President IKOK.D -Germany "Kyokushin karate Kehl

 9th Dan Ten Bu Kan -USA
9th Dan World Shigaisendo-Germany
The Way of Urban Warfare

     7th IKO hobu Japan ) 8th Dan IKO Montenegro- .World Referee -Instructor International








Natasa Milosavljevic From Herceg  Novi Montenegro
Ambassador And Active Member Of  Kyokushin IKBO-WKBO. Honor And Respect OSU!



Nikola Uljarevic 2nd Dan

Head Martial Arts Instructor Kyokushin I.K.B.O
Official Members of the President's Cabinet office WKBO
Member of the office international commission of grades

Champion International -Kyokushikai & Kick-Boxing

Instructor & Branch Representative
Herceg Novi -Montenegro

Contact: +382 67 233 018


Herceg Novi Montenegro
Tonight Kancho Milan President of IKBO
Žaklina Vukčević President WKBO Montenegro & Technical Commission
He awards a diploma for the title of a child's black belt
Kyokushinkai Karate & IKBO Kyokushin Boxing
NATAŠA ĐURIČIĆ From Herceg Novi Montenegro
Natasa  has been training for 6 years
she was an excellent student all the time, and at school she was one of the best.
Natasha is the World Champion of the World Cup IKBO
International Champion IKO Japan
I thank all those rare to be recognized.
I thank for the support of Jacqueline Vukčević
and Senpai Nikola Uljarević for unselfish help.

Milan Radović President IKBO World kyokushin boxing organization.


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Hotel Play -IGALO-H.NOVI Montenegro
Hotel Play has 35 rooms. We offer single, double and triple rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom. They are equipped with air conditioners, LCD televisions, hairdryers, minibar, WI-FI, parking and other equipment.

Contact: Telefon:    +382 31 333 098


The World  IKBO Kyokushin Boxing Ryu, is currently one of the styles -booming recognized for its effectiveness. It is represented in more than  93 Country -Organization around the World
Kickboxing .Karate and martial arts training facility for kids, children and adults. We teach full contact karate and self-defense, Our Karate school has affiliations with the WKBO-World karate Organization and World Martial Arts Federation). Kyokushin IKBO Karate has a long history since 1997 . Milan Radovic is the Kancho instructor IKBO with over 200 titled...National-International ,mostly gold medal! ...

With Honor& Respect… !!
Welcome, OSU
Arigatou gozaimashita
Milan Kancho World President IKBO
Kyokushin Karate - A "Hard" Karate Style !



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