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Everywhere in the world Kyokushin Boxing by Kancho Milan is recognized.
IKBO-It is a training system on the strength and efficiency
With different strategies of attack - defense with bare hands

WELCOM TO The Official Website of The International Martial Arts- IKBO- WKBO-Karate Organization-Honbu dojo OSU !

The World IKBO Kyokushin Boxing Ryu, is currently one of the styles -booming recognized for its effectiveness.
It is represented in more than  129 affiliate country -Organization around the World
Kickboxing .Karate and martial arts training facility for kids, children and adults. We teach full contact karate and self-defense,
Our Karate school has affiliations with the WKBO-World karate Organization and World Martial Arts Federation). Kyokushin IKBO
Karate has a long history since 1997 .
Milan Radovic is the Kancho instructor IKBO with over 200 titled...National-International ,mostly gold medal! ...

International Members of the board of directors World Kyokushin Boxing Organization for 2021

Please note...!

You can become a member of IKBO Board
After submitting a request to
and having to be in good standing with our Organization

Members of the board of directors of our organization
can only be those who have an IKBO club or organization


G.M-Hanshi Frank M. Schneider-Germany 10 th Dan
G.M-Hanshi Zoran Šinković-Croatia 9th Dan
G.M Hanchi Safet Feratović 8th Dan-Austria
Shihan Hossain Dhalover-Canada 6 th Dan
Sensei Hubertus A.Pierre Bercx Netherlands .3rd Dan
Miss Nataša Milosavljevic-Montenegro 1st Dan
Miss Olja Otašević-Montenegro



Lower your head, lift up your eyes, close your lips and open your mind. Serve other people with filial piety as the starting point. Lower your head means do no be haughty. Lift up your eyes, hold high ambitions. Close your lips, do not gossip and do not become an all talk no deed person. Become a big hearted person who treats people and matters kindly. Filial piety as the starting point means having gratitude and love to your parents, teachers, senpai, friends and country. Consider doing good to others as a profit. The conduct that oneself is for the sake of the people, oneself is for the sake of the world.


One World, One Kyokushin Boxing IKBO!


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